Simplified tradition headwear shop brand


Simplicity lasts forever. I took the original design and completely reworked it into a new simple form without losing the connection to a product.


Their motto is “There is a hat for each head”. The new logo must be timeless. It was necessary to find an attribute that will not change. I finally found it in the title itself. The name of snapback was created, because of the clipping sound of his zipper strip on the back. At the same time, it is all in accordance with the old logo.


The Mission is to offer customers an unusual experience when buying hats. Operating both as a e-shop and store in Prague.


The redesign of the logo for a well-known headwear store in Prague. The minimalist idea of typography linked with a zipper strip on the back of a snapback.


My Role

Art direction, Brand design, Brand guideline


Awards & Mentions


© 2018 All rights reserved. Creative director: Robin Remsa, Account director: Josefina Remsa, Brand:, Photography: Timothy Barlin, Jeff Tingz, Luis Quintero

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