Moser Glass

Glassmakers mastery

My role:

Art direction, ui/ux design, iconography, digital guidelines

Font was selected based on the similarity of the collection Splendid.

It was more than 160 years ago that gifted Czech engraver Ludwig Moser breathed life into Moser crystal and in doing so enchanted the world. From the very beginning he worked with traditional glassmaking technology, but it was above all his talent and art that gave the collections their uniqueness and beauty.

Colors so magnificent we simply had to pick them for the website too.

Our custom iconography is reflecting the shapes of crystal.

The website combines minimalist design, clean typography and colours matching individual products, all in order to let the Moser masterpieces shine. The website’s responsibility makes the crystal glass works of art equally tempting on a smartphone. You may end up wanting one. Or two.

Previous desktop product page concept on mobile.

Creative director: Pavel Flégl; Art directors: Robin Remsa, Václav Krejčí; UX Design: Tomáš Pěnka, Robin Remsa, Václav Krejčí; Iconography & guidelines: Robin Remsa; Web-developers: Jakub Bačo, Jan Babinec, Julius Pataky, David Slačálek; Copywriter: Jan Bárta, David Podhola; Technical director: František Procházka; Project manager: Martina Kadlecová; Photography: Moser a.s.