A good brand must be unique and memorable.


Whether It’s a business card or website, the customer should feel that it’s still the same brand. Therefore, I always honour the creative process, that helps me achieve this.

Concept & Strategy

Each process begins with a Kick-off meeting, to which we define the basic objectives and needs of the project. Here are some strategic tools to choose the best approach for your design.

Design systems

The Design system is a summary of the rules and principles on the basis of which the entire corporate identity stands. The result is uniformity in all aspects of print and digital design.


Not everyone is able to correctly use the rules set up in the design system. For these purposes, there are brand guidelines that help to understand and construct the individual elements.


Collection of selected brands three times featured on Behance

Many logos in this collection means a lot to me. I can’t be more proud it was so successful and it pushes me forward with plenty of humble.

View on Behance


Campaign that revealed future in the past

Modernized and simplified traditional headwear shop.

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