June 10, 2019
Three times awarded logofolio with selected brands over the years
Logotypes, logos, marks are one of my primary projects that I create. I honor the creative process that accompanies every new logo and I emphasize the choice of typography. I take care to final adjustments so logo is not only aesthetic to the eye, but also to meet all the technical characteristics for use in practice.

Bookin Agency — Music & Talent agency Prague ©2014

Streetsportline.sk — Sneakers Shop Prague ©2016

Pajic Trainings — Fitness trainer, IFBB international judge ©2016

Milk — Milk-Bar Concept ©2012

Stewardess Wardrobe — Blogging stewardess ©2016

Estetika Dental — Dentist Prague ©2016

Anna Mimieux — Fashion designer ©2015

Snephau — Snapchat lessons ©2015

Knife & Bones — Butchery Prague ©2014

Mymo — Print agency Prague ©2014

Cardinalia — Investment company  ©2013

Doha — Compressor company  ©2012

Remrails — Railway transportation concept  ©2012

Robin Remsa


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Gene™ design system and all assets are a trademark of Robin Remsa. Copyright © 2019 Robin Remsa. All rights reserved.