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Developers at ŠKODA AUTO build technologies for the future. But their work is secret. How to attract new colleagues from schools when no one knows about the department of development?

We made a fictional program Echoes of the Future/time capsule, where 30 years ago students locked away their automobile visions. Now, we reveal them to the public. These visions released an unusual response on social networks with their content and processing. Hundreds of users got involved with the sequel.

Brand & Webdesign

Logomark: The logo is based on an abstract representation of a retrospective. We were inspired by the concept of spacetime.

Visual system: The challenge was to find a design that looks like it is from the time that we have simulated, but it also can stand up to modern digital campaign.

© 2017 Bistro Agency.

Creative Director: Pavel Flégl; Copywriter: David Podhola; Art Directors: Iva Nitkulinec, Alexandra Michajlová, Michal Kotulek; Designers: Hana Kudrnáčová, Robin Remsa, Václav Krejčí; UX Designers: Robin Remsa, František Procházka; Director: Matěj Chlupáček; Agency Producer: Ivica Surová, Pavel Brůček; Production Company: CINQ Visuals